How to Use the Pressbooks Cover Generator

If you've upgraded a book to PDF+EBOOK Pro, you have access to our cover creation tool at no additional charge (a several hundred dollar savings). To access and use it:

1. Go to Export / Cover Generator.

accessing the cover generator

2. Adjust your book information (this is automatically imported from what you've entered under Book Info, but what you enter here will not overwrite the text you have under Book Info).

TIP: If you would like to keep any of these fields blank, you will need to enter   in order to prevent the system from automatically pulling in the information from the Book Info.

3. Set your theme (your book cover is going to inherit the font and design style of the theme you applied to your book. You can change that theme.)

4. Upload an image for the front of your cover (if you want -- you can also have a plain cover and specify the background color instead.)

TIP: Most print on demand suppliers (including IngramSpark) require your cover image to be 300dpi. See below for more on how to ensure you meet this requirement.

5. Check the page count (Pressbooks will automatically fill this field with the page count of your most recent PDF export UNLESS you change it manually. If you change it manually once, it will no longer be automatically updated, so you will have to be very careful to check the page count here before exporting your final cover file.)

6. Set the colors for your cover's background and text

7. Click on Make PDF Cover and Make Ebook Cover to generate print and ebook cover files.